1. 1. No spiderwire hooklength or similar material
  2. 2. Micro-barbed hooks only
  3. 3. No bent hooks
  4. 4. No peanuts, tigers etc.
  5. 5. Minimum 15lb BS line
  6. 6. No ShelfLife Bait
  7. 7. Strictly no sacking of fish allowed
  8. 8. Large unhooking mats and quality weigh slings are compulsory
  9. 9. Use Klinik or similar where necessary
  10. 10. No Fixed Leads
  11. 11. Safe rigs please, think of FISH WELFARE at all time
  12. 12. Gentlemanly conduct is expected and required al all times
  13. 13. Departure from swim on Saturday is 10am
  14. 14. No Litter - including Fag Butts and Tea Bags
  15. 15. Never Leave Rods Unattended - ( NO EXCEPTIONS )
  16. 16. No Braided Mainline
  17. 17. Tidy Swims BEFORE Departure
  18. 18. No Leadcore to be used
  19. 19. In the advent of adverse weather, (serious storms & high winds) we suggest anglers seek shelter away from the large trees, or in extreme cases at the house
  20. 20. After unloading, vehicles must be parked in the designated spaces we choose. Vehicles must not be driven around the venue during your stay without our express permission
  21. 21. It is strongly recommended that all customers have valid travel insurance AND an E28 European Medical card (Available at, without which you will be expected to pay for any hospital, medical treatment or ambulances

Rules and conditions are for the safety and enjoyment of the anglers and the well being of the fish.

The owners of Les Montautiers thank you for your co-operation at all times.

Carp Care

The welfare of our carp is paramount

Below are a few common sense guidelines to which all our guests must adhere

  1. 1.Always keep your net within reach of where you intend to play fish
    When you have a fish on, it requires your full attention. Slack line caused by any distraction could result in snagged fish and unnecessary mouth damage.

  2. 2.Once netted, make sure the fins are folded flat before lifting from the water and when placing on the unhooking mat provided.
    Fins are fragile and if caught in nets can be broken easily, damaging the fish for life.

  3. 3.Always use a the unhooking mat provided on a flat, shaded, soft, grassy area where possible and always away from rocks and the waters edge. Once netted, immediately place the fish on the mat.
    Placing fish directly onto hard bank can cause serious external and internal injuries and removes protective slime thereby increasing the risk of infection upon their return to the lake.

  4. 4.Always have a bucket of lake water by the side of your mat along with your scales, sling and camera.
  5. Slings should always be wet before weighing a fish to avoid removing protective slime. By having lake water to hand you can keep the fish wet and prepare it for weighing without leaving it unattended.

  6. 5.Never leave a fish unattended on an unhooking mat.
  7. Carp sometimes flap without warning and if unattended, can easily escape your mat and injure themselves on hard ground.

  8. 6.Remove your rig from the carps mouth immediately and treat with antiseptic (e.g. Klinik) where necessary.
  9. By preventing further damage and treating the fish you are reducing the risk of infection and ensuring it remains in good condition.

  10. 7.When holding fish for photographs:
    • Support the carps weight with both hands underneath
    • Do not lean or rest the fish on its stomach
    • Take care not to interfere with the gills or damage fins
    • Never stand to have your picture taken or hold the carp too high above the mat
    • Do not over extend the carp towards the camera
    • If a carp flaps whilst raised, cradle it towards your body to prevent the fish falling - you may get messy but it will prevent fatal injury
    • Always use your sling or unhooking mat to return the fish to the water. Never carry it yourself
    • Always remove wristwatches before handling fish

Many thanks for your co-operation in safeguarding our Carp