Drive and Survive holiday it may be but the reality of it is that we do provide a number of ‘creature’ comforts that will make your stay more comfortable.

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Our Anglers Lodge acts as a meeting place for our guests to swap tales of fish caught and provides a place for catching up on the UK news and sports via Sky Television.

The bathroom and shower facilities are right next door giving you the opportunity to freshen up before breakfast and dinner.


The dining area seats up to 8 people and is often used as a gathering point for a beer or to catch up on the Sports news from the Sky TV provided free of charge.

Outdoor Eating and Barbeques

With such a lovely climate, the majority of the meals throughout the year can be eaten outside at either the top patio with good views of the lake or alongside the lodge where we can also Barbeque.

Bathroom and Shower

The Anglers bathroom is located conveniently next to the Anglers Lodge. It features a hot shower, sink and English toilet.

Angler Comments

Had a fantastic weeks fishing with 2PB's between us and a new lake record. With Alan's hospitality, can't ask for much more than that.
Paul Gardiner – April 2011
Great facilities - Highly recommended
Paul Marral – September 2011
Great Venue - Great Host - Will certainly be back - Many Thanks
Dale Jones – March 2011
Fantastic !!!
Deryk Jones - May 2011
See you next year mate - Thoroughly recommended
Brett Butler- June 2011
Great fishing - Will be back - Cheers Alan !!
Ben Ferdinando- July 2011