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Angler: Colin's group

Week: August 6th 2016

Swim: Natural

Have added this as a group catch report as 2 have no names on.

Colin (Natural): 60lb common, 43lb common, 30lb mirror, 25lb mirror, 19lb mirror
Bait: Rev BNC & Rev 007
Fish lost: 2

Jim (Big Double): 22lb mirror, 28lb common, 30lb common
Bait: Pineapple pop-up & corn
Fish lost: 0

Scott (Double Island): 44lb mirror, 24lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 15lb mirror
Bait: Baitworks Royal Marine
Fish lost: 0

Nameless #1: 32lb 14oz mirror, 43lb 2oz common, 24lb 2oz common, 28lb 14oz mirror
Bait: ?
Fish lost: 1 beast!

Nameless #2: 31lb mirror, 28lb mirror, 32lb mirror
Bait: ?
Fish lost: 0

"Beautiful lake and helpful hosts. Very hot weather reduced feeding though"

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