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The new season starts Saturday 4th March 2017.
Bookings are from 12:00 Saturday until 10:00 the following Saturday. A draw will take place if more than one group are booked.



Lake exclusive (up to 5 anglers): £1,000 per week
Individual anglers: £275 per week

Bait and Tackle

Hooked in France is dedicated to only using quality baits and therefore provide a stock in our on-site shop at affordable prices. Fresh frozen boilies can be purchased in 1kg and 3kg bags and carp pellets are available in any quantity you require. Purchases may be made in Pound Sterling or Euros. The full range of FH Baits are available.


FH Baits boilies - Caviar & Cranberry or Cell (1kg bags): £7.50/kg (9€)
Pop-ups (various shapes and sizes): £6 per tub
Wafters: £6.00 per tub
Paste: £5.00 per tub
Carp pellet: £2.00/kg
Prepared hemp: £3.00/kg (minimum 5kg)
Prepared particle: £2.50/kg (minimum 5kg)
Prepared maize: £2.00/kg (minimum 5kg)

All particle/hemp/maize is freshly prepared by us on-site.

Lake Offers

Lake Special #1 - £50
5kg of boilies
5kg of carp pellet
5kg of particle mix

Lake Special #2 - £62
5kg of boilies
5kg of carp pellet
5kg of particle mix
1 tub of paste
1 tub of pop-ups


Baitboat hire: £70 per week (£90 per week if sharing)
We have a wide selection of Korda, Fox and Trakker terminal tackle and gear for sale on site.

Food Package

For €125 per angler per week, we provide an excellent food package consisting of a full English Breakfast with fresh bread in the morning and a tea or coffee, and a hearty homemade evening meal at around 6pm on every day of your stay.

Fried egg, bacon, sausages, beans, tomatoes, fresh French bread, tea/coffee/fruit juice
Continental breakfast available on request

Lasagne, wedges and salad

Roast chicken, roast potatoes, steamed vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and homemade gravy

Pork chops, chips, peas and fresh French bread

Sausage and mash, fried onions and steamed veg

Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread

Cottage pie and steamed veg

Butter chicken and rice, served with homemade naan bread

Please note - some meals may be subject to change. We are more than happy to cater around allergies and intolerances.

Sandwich or baguette + crisps or chocolate + can of drink: 4€

Cold drinks and chocolate available throughout the day


Book for 2018/2019 direct with us or through: